Coming to Palm Springs – June 15-17

DESIRE is a weekend retreat for leather and kinky women. Our goal is to create an environment where we can learn new things, be around fun women, and fulfill our wildest desires. Back for its THIRD year, DESIRE 2007 is bigger and better and invites you to join us in creating a place where we can freely be ourselves and play!

DESIRE will take place in a beautiful resort in Palm Springs, California. The private setting allows us the freedom for unrestricted play outdoors anytime, and of course clothing is optional at all times. Most dungeon equipment is outside beneath the trees and on grassy shaded lawns. Imagine floating in the pool and watching the play around you. There will be 3 evening parties for play under the stars and in air-conditioned rooms.

DESIRE has gathered a wonderful group of presenters from around the U.S. and Canada who are eager to share their expertise and provide exciting workshops. They also come to DESIRE to play and help create this weekend community. A unique feature of DESIRE is the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with one of the presenters. These individualized sessions provide participants with an opportunity to learn new and/or advanced skills from a presenter of their choice. There are limited sessions so register early to ensure that you get one!

Join us in Palm Springs and experience the event everyone is talking about. Whether you’re a curious beginner, a confirmed “pervert”, or simply a woman who loves sex and wants to be around other sexy women in an open environment – come to DESIRE!


DESIRE arose from a vision to create a space where leather/kinky women could gather and live out their fantasies. The idea simmered in our heads for a few years. Every time we attended a leather event or conference, we fantasized about what our ideal event would be like. One day we said “let’s do it!” and we did! We took the best aspects of our favorite events and put together DESIRE.

DESIRE was greatly influenced by a local event – Sampler – a weekend produced by OCLA (Orange Coast Leather Assembly). Sampler’s goal is to provide opportunities for people to learn and play in a safe environment where they could sample new things as a top or as a bottom. The idea of providing the one-on-one sessions with presenters DESIRE offers comes from Sampler. As a Sampler participants and presenters, we’ve personally experienced the benefits and rewards of these mentoring sessions and we wanted to offer them to the women’s community.

See Media Coverage on DESIRE 2005.


Over 100 women gathered in Palm Springs for DESIRE’s inaugural year from May 22-24 2005. We invited presenters, put the word out and 68 women registered. The weekend was a huge success! Women played, frucked, learned and shared all weekend long in a truly unique sex-positive, kink-positive community. Both participants and presenters loved the concept of DESIRE and enthusiastically encouraged us to do it again. It was exciting and empowering to play and watch others play. DESIRE was nominated for numerous awards including the Pantheon Event of the Year and Southland Honors. Midori named DESIRE as one of the best places to meet women.


The new resort was exactly what we needed to grow! DESIRE’s new “home” is a beautiful oasis with abundant shade, increased comforts, and an intimate atmosphere. Around 125 women enjoyed 3 days in “paradise” from June 2-4 2006. We transformed the resort – it looked so good the staff wanted us to leave our equipment! We added more presenters and workshops and a 3rd play party on Sunday night. It’s easy to talk about the fun times – because there were so many of them. But what’s often not brought up are the changes that take place when we have the freedom to experience new things and truly blossom. Everyone made the most of the time we had and no one wanted the weekend to end.