Celeste has been an active member in the Leather Community for the last 20 years and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She is the Director/Founder Of C-Space, an educational forum for the Leather Community which started back in 1989 in Seattle Washington and continued for 5 years. She has been a board member with the Seattle NLA and was the organizer for May Days Seattle. She is also one of the founding members of OuterLimits and Powersurge. Celeste has been an honorary member of Seattle Men in Leather since 1992 and has received many awards over the years. She has been a featured speaker at many community events and other conferences providing information and education about the Leather lifestyle.

Celeste is very excited about this type of teaching format and looks forward to this weekend and the sharing that will take place. Don’t miss out on all the fun!!

Cristo & Delaenya

Cristo makes his home in Indianapolis with two of his three favorite girls. He considers himself a lovable poly switch who has been active in the leather community for many years. As small business owner, Cristo’s Blades, he prides himself with bring quality products at affordable prices to the community.

Cristo has taught for many years all over the US and Canada at both small and large events. He has presented on various topics such as knife-play, shaving, switching, boot-blacking, age play, trans and poly issues, boy topics, erotic edge play and enjoying play with health issues. The favorite classes being anything to do with knives and boots.

Cristo is a proud member and director of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance. He holds memberships with NCSF, LA&M; and many associate memberships with clubs and organizations throughout the country. Also having been nominated many times over for business person of the year through Pantheon as well as having Cristo’s Blades nominated as Leather Business of the year for several years running.

Delaenya makes her home in the Phoenix area with her partner of five years. Originally from N. California (Sacramento), she moved to Arizona in 2006 to begin working on her PhD in Justice Studies. Her research focuses on the intersections of law and sexuality, specifically on how law is used to regulate the sexual practices of women and queers. She is a high-femme poly switch with a enormous sense of fun and adventure.

Delaenya is a proud supporter of NCSF, Human Rights Campaign and various feminist based equity organizations. She is president of the Graduate Women’s Association at her University. She has spent tireless hours on grass root efforts and national campaigns: working to end non-consensual violence towards women and children; promoting queer and transgender rights; educating on safe, sane and consensual SM and alternative sexual practices.

The collaboration of these two poly switches isn’t accidental and has been a long time in the making. After dancing around one another for 4 years with the occasional hook-up, the energy took a dramatic shift early in 2006. The two became inseparable in spite of the geographical differences of their homes. Each on a personal mission to prove which of the two of them is the bigger freak, the energy and fun these two conjure up is paramount. Their favorite event game is “Good Cop, Bad Cop” … the problem is no body can figure out which one is which until it is too late! But we will let you in on a little secret, their favorite private game is “Big Cat Throw Down” … last year in the swimming pool at Desire, Delaenya won … so this year keep your eyes open, we wouldn’t be surprised if Cristo is looking to reclaim the “Big Cat” title.


Dana lives, with her life partner and sub, in their log home, on five acres, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains just outside of Seattle, Washington. She has been active in the leather community since 1992. The focus of her play revolves around all forms of body modification. When Dana does come down from the mountains, you will usually see her playing with fire and/or using sharp, pointy implements. She has presented workshops at various events such as Living in Leather, Powersurge and Wicked Women focusing on body modifications in addition to woman-on-woman sex play.

If you are interested in learning and/or experiencing the sensations of body modification, Dana will be available for mentoring sessions in the areas of branding, cuttings, along with permanent and play piercings. For a little variety, she will also be available to teach the technique or vaginal fisting.

Dr. Danger AKA Lainy

SM Dyke, Top, Sadist, Daddy

Blood, Fire and a Razor Sharp Blade

As a Player for over 2 decades I have been involved in many SM events and organizations. Being on the planet for over 5 decades, I have had many Life experiences. For more details on either,I invite you to come and talk to me.

The Dr. says: ” Laughter is the Best Medicine and never take yourself too seriously”.

Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil (Boi) has been in the leather scene for over 30 years, after his first girlfriend demanded that he tie her to the bed and fist her! A graduate of the only two year BDSM school in the U.S., Dr Evil has presented at Thunder in the Mountains, demo’d with Femcar, traveled to Cuba with Deborah Addington and has played at so many events over the years his vest hangs with flair. In his schooling he has completed intensives with Midori, Cleo DuBois, Fifth Angel, X and Shannon, and Megami (to name a few). He is a licensed minister and is well versed as an instructor in every aspect of BDSM life with a heavy emphasis on spirituality in play. Yet, he is an edge player and can be very, very evil. Dr. Evil began in service as a bottom and has over the decades become a service Top and currently has a 24/7 in contract by the name of ‘Raven’. Training and sharing is his life.

Elaine Miller

Elaine Miller has been a geeky pervert for as long as she can remember. Born in 1969, she was glad to find non-fictional others like her in 1990, and has been learning, playing, topping, playing, thinking, playing, teaching, playing, and writing about BDSM ever since.

Elaine does an embarrassing number of things for a living. (Writer. Presenter.Web Design. Web Hosting. Desktop Publishing.)

Empress Rhea

Rhea has been involved with the leather community since the 1980’s. She has presented nationally on numerous topics and you may have seen her teaching bondage on HBO. Her passions lie in a more spiritual wholistic approach. Rhea uses her postgraduate degree in Psychology for the basis upon which she addresses issues of shame and self-esteem. As a KaSeeKa, Rhea guides a select few on their journey to own all of who they are and to be true to their path.

Rhea is a founding member of Camp Arachnid, a bondage camp at Burning Man now in it’s 6th year. She has been a trailblazer presenting to other alternative lifestyle communities. And starting in January she will be resurrecting the SMU classes she taught in Southern CA in the 1990’s. Rhea has been incorporating water into her SM play for over 20 years. The license plate on her car says MERMAID.


Jesse Duran has been involved in the Leather lifestyle for 16 years. She came out into Leather as a slave in Phoenix, where she was a member of APEX for 6 years. She then moved to Chicago and became actively involved with the Chicagoland Discussion Group. She has resided in San Diego for 10 years, where she is actively involved with Club X, and a past board member. She serves on the SD Leather Pride Committee. She also served on the boards of several other clubs. She is Southern California LeatherWoman 2005, a networking title for Southern California, and previously the San Diego Knight of Leather 2004, a liaison title between the Imperial Court and the Leather community. She has been on panels for APEX, Club X Edgefest, and Human Sexuality classes at Costa Mesa Community College. She presents workshops on diverse topics including bondage, mummification (dry and wet), fire play, massage, cupping and vacuum pumping, play piercing including use of acupuncture needles, staples and sutures, urethral play (catheters and sounds), and electricity. She is an avid fan of Medical play and has been involved in some aspect of medicine, Western since 1990, and Eastern since 1997.

Presenters Through The Years

DESIRE has had many outstanding presenters attend over the years. We remain deeply honored of those that have given their time and energy to DESIRE in years past and have helped to create the incredible event that it has become.