One of the unique aspects of DESIRE is the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with a presenter on a topic of interest for you. During your individual one hour session with a presenter, you may ask questions, try new kinks as a bottom, or work on improving your topping skills. (If you want to top you’ll need to bring a bottom but we are sure that there will be available volunteers if you need one!) Presenters will mentor you at your level of experience from novice to advanced.

You may share your session with 1-2 other participants as long as it’s okay with the presenter. Sharing sessions may be a great way to maximize your experience with our numerous outstanding presenters.

There is a limited number of one-on-one sessions available so make sure to register early to ensure that you get one!

Selecting a Session

On your registration form you are asked to list your first three choices for your one-on-one sessions. We will make every effort to accomodate your choices. Participants who register by the April 1st deadline will be receive first priority in selecting their topic/presenter.

Each presenter will conduct 5 individual sessions. If there are more than 5 requests per presenter/topic, participant names will go into a drawing. If you don’t get your 1st choice, we will try to accommodate your 2nd or 3rd choice. We strongly recommend that you register early in order to have the greatest chance of getting your first choice!

Sessions Offered

By Presenter

Celeste Firetender – Fire Play; Flogging; Play Piercing

Cristo & Delaenya – Knife Play; Straight-edge Shaving; Tranny Sex

Dana – Srike Branding; Cutting; Piercing; Fisting

Dr. Danger – Suturing; Blood Play; Piercing; Fire Play

Dr. Evil – Fisting (anal/vaginal); Electric play/violet wand; Fantasy Medical Play

Elaine – Resistance Play; Brat Play; Percussive Play (flogging, spanking, caning)

Empress Rhea – Bondage; Underwater Bondage; Animal Play

Jesse – Flotation Mummification; Urethral Play (sounds, catheters); Cupping; Electricity

Kivi – Blood; Vampirism; Negotiation; Stapling (non-surgical)

Lady Jo – Sensual Singletails; Sensual Massage; Service Bondage (human furniture)

Leenie – Flogging; Singletails; Punching

Lydia – Canes; Corporal Punishment; Clamps; Electric Play

Midori – Rope Body Harness; Flogging

Miss Indigo Blue – Striptease basics for butches and femmes; Lap Dancing

slave marsha – Service; D/s relationships

Veronica – Rope Bondage; Anal Play; Foot Worship

By Topic

Anal Play – Dr. Evil, Veronica
Animal Play – Empress Rhea
Blood – Dr. Danger, Kivi
Bondage – Empress Rhea, Lady Jo (human furniture/object bondage), Veronica
Branding – Dana (strike branding)
Brat Play – Elaine
Canes – Elaine, Lydia
Clamps – Lydia
Corporeal Punishment – Lydia
Cupping – Jesse
Cutting – Dana
D/s Relationships – slave marsha
Electric Play – Dr. Evil, Jesse, Lydia
Fire Play – Celeste Firetender, Dr. Danger
Fisting – Dana, Dr. Evil (vaginal and anal)
Floating Mummification – Jesse
Flogging – Celeste Firetender, Elaine, Leenie, Midori
Foot Worship – Veronica
Hot Oil Sensual Massage – Lady Jo
Knife Play – Cristo & Delaenya
Lap Dancing – Miss Indigo Blue
Massage – Lady Jo (sensual massage)
Medical Play – Dr. Danger, Dr. Evil, Jesse (oriental medicine), Kivi
Play Piercing – Celeste Firetender, Dana, Dr. Danger, Jesse (acupuncture needles)
Punching – Leenie
Relationships – Kivi, slave marsha (D/s relationships)
Resistance Play – Elaine (including brat play)
Rope body harness – Midori
Rope Bondage – Empress Rhea, Veronica
Service – slave marsha
Service Bondage (human furniture) – Lady Jo
Singletails – Lady Jo (sensual singletails), Leenie
Spanking – Elaine
Stapling (non-surgical) – Kivi
Straight-edge shaving – Cristo & Delaenya
Striptease – Miss Indigo Blue
Suturing – Dr. Danger
Tranny sex – Cristo & Delaenya
Urethral Play – Jesse
Vampirism – Kivi
Water/Underwater Bondage – Empress Rhea, Jesse