The Art of the Tease – Miss Indigo Blue
Women in the Golden Age of Burlesque refined teasing to an art – the art of strip-tease! In this workshop, participants are empowered to explore and discover their own inner tease-artiste in a safe and friendly environment. Internationally reknowned Burlesque starlet Miss Indigo Blue teaches classic Burlesque techniques to be used on stage or in the boudoir. Students learn saucy moves and strip-tease secrets including the principles of hidden/revealed, drawing attention, eye-contact, humor, pacing, and sexual self esteem using gloves, fans, boas, and mirrors. This two-hour workshop covers the components of teasing and playing with erotic energy using skills exhibited in modern day burlesque performance.

Bound for Pleasure – Veronica
Enjoy sexy possibilities with rope bondage. Simple, fun, and effective ties are taught in this hands-on workshop with an emphasis on “sex-able” positions, basic breast bondage, and erotic rope tricks (like how to make vibrator and dildo harnesses out of rope). Veronica will also demonstrate how to get properly bound for pleasure by using eye contact, tone of voice, and seductive tying techniques.

Branding – the Art of Burning Flesh – Dana
Branding and scarification have been around for centuries and have been used for many purposes from sacred rituals to marking property. Although branding is not as common as tattooing, the very idea of a person being branded sends images galore into our heads and many of us find ourselves in a state of fear, anticipation, and excitement, combined. Dana is an experienced, articulate, and talented practitioner of this art form. Issues such as how to learn the skill of scene negotiation, and psychological/emotional aspects of this form of body modification will be discussed. This workshop will also cover all the technical aspects of “strike branding”, including pattern development and location on the body, making the “strike” implements, application of the “strikes”, and aftercare.

Canes – Punishment and Reward – Lydia
Stroke, slap, bundle, slam, and tag. The cane is a multi-sensational instrument that can be used by anyone. The range and physical and emotional responses to the cane is phenomenal. Lydia will show you the basics and the extreme and throw in some history lessons for fun.

The Erotic Dance of Single Tails – Leenie
Have you ever seen a scene that draws you in and changes your breath? That is what happens when Leenie handles the whip. Come and learn the dance and flow that is possible. During this class, Leenie will help each person feel the dance – hoping everyone leaves with a solid foundation, grace, and continued whip desire. Experience the passion, joy, fear, and danger that comes from the whip. You will also learn safety, care, and feeding tips. Let’s dance!

Everything You Were Afraid to Ask – Kivi and Dr. Danger
Ever been to a party were you saw something really hot but you couldn’t interrupt the scene to ask for specifics? Ever had a fantasy you wanted to experience but you couldn’t find a mentor for what you wanted to do? Ever have an idea of what you wanted to do but didn’t know how to get started? In this workshop Dr. Danger and Kivi will avail you of their numerous years of experience and humor to answer those question you were afraid to ask. Yes, it shall be demonstrated if possible. Cards will be provided throughout the weekend for questions if you are shy.

Everything You Were Afraid to Ask – Kivi and Dr. Danger
What we shall be covering, time permitting: advanced needle play (creative new ideas of what to do with those pointy things); cutting and suturing (needle point for sadists); cauterizing and stapling (big evil grin); and vampirism and blood drawing (how to not even pretend that it isn’t ALL about the blood). This is an interactive demonstration and questions may be asked. We shall not be going over basic safety – this is an advanced class. However, we are willing to address basic questions in person outside of class time.

Fire Play – Celeste Firetender
Celeste Firetender has been playing with fire and giving workshops on this form of play since 1993. Come learn the safety issues, what to use and not, how to apply to the body, build your own torches and other exciting things to do with this form of play. Top or bottom this workshop is for you. Come explore this erotic form of play and feel the fire. If you wish to have fire applied to your body DO NOT have anything on your body. No lotion, deodorants, perfume, hairspray, oil etc.

Interrogations, Takedowns, and Brats: Resistance Play – Elaine
If you don’t feel “Yes, of course, Master!” or “I’ll do anything you say Mistress!” on the tip of our tongue, you’re not alone. Resistance play ranges from light-hearted brattiness to rough takedowns and edgy interrogation scenes and covers a lot of territory in between! We’ll talk about take down safety issues, how to make your adult brat have a tantrum, and how to know the right time to tell the secret location of buried treasure. Come explore the form of play where “Oh yeah? Make me!” are the words guaranteed to make all your eyes light up.

Kick-off with the Meat Market – Midori
DESIRE kick-off with the infamous Auntie Midori’s Meat Market. Are you looking for some action this weekend? Are you too shy to flirt on your own? Searching for a special someone with a specific talent? Scouting for others for a group scene? Step up on stage and let Auntie Midori show you off in this dangerously live personal ad. She’s also got some other sex special treats and action planned for you. Start the weekend off on the wild side!

Mummification and Pool Floatation – Jesse
This hands-on workshop will combine saran wrap mummification with a sensory deprivation experience in the pool. After a brief demonstration, participants will get in groups and work as a team. You will be shown how to wrap the body with saran wrap and safely get person in the pool. Persons mummified will have the opportunity to float and relax under supervision. Come and learn about this easy form of play and get in the pool!

My Pleasure to Serve – or to Be Served: The Role of Service in D/s or M/s Relationships – slave marsha
The idea of service strikes a chord in the hearts of many in our leather/SM community, especially those who are interested in Master/slave and Dominant/submissive relationships. This seminar addresses the reality vs. the fantasy of service, why service is an essential part of a D/s or Ms/s relationship, and some of the issues that arise around serving and being served.

Reclaiming the Great Outdoors! – Cristo and Delaenya
Palm Springs is an oasis. Rather than bringing the “outdoors in”, join us as we show you how to take your scene outdoors. The DESIRE venue is a perfect place for outdoor play! This fun and energetic class will be wickedly entertaining. By embracing the world around us and inviting Mother Nature into our scene, we’ll find buttons to push and things to overwhelm the senses. People who are easily “icked-out” or squeamish should not attend. Bring water and sunscreen just in case the shade shifts on us during the class. The last thing you need is to spend the rest of the weekend applying aloe vera to your sensitive parts…….. there are better uses for them!

Submissive/slave Discussion Group – slave marsha
This is a discussion group for submissives and slaves ONLY! Join slave marsha and other slaves and submissives for a confidential open forum.

The 360’s of Fisting – Dr. Evil
This will be a hilarious power point presentation of basic fisting information. It will include a demo or two, and a discussion to engage beginners and experts in the fine art of fisting. Information will also be presented on anal fisting, fisting with more than a fist, safety, etc. If you’ve been fisting for years you will learn some new techniques to take home to Mama.

Water Play – Empress Rhea
“Water is definitely my element. Some of my most memorable SM experiences have involved bondage in the pool. They were magical encounters that took the bottom on a cathartic and sometimes life transforming journey. Water is such a natural medium to break down barriers and go deep.” During this workshop Rhea will show a CD of both past elaborate sessions that involve scuba, bondage, safety divers, riggers, and hundreds of pounds of gear, as well as simpler intimate experiences that focus on an inward journey for the bottom. She will discuss the many ways we can play in the water, why water is so appealing to her and safety precautions. She will end the presentation with a demonstration involving bondage in the pool.